Information on First Aid, Books, and Insurance

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1. Infant Practice Manikins for CPR

With electronic monitoring
Approximately 115,000 yen per unit

Without electronic monitoring
Approximately 16,000 yen per unit; 56,000 yen for four units.

Aika Medical Corp.    Phone: 0743-61-3600

2. Emergency Medical Treatment (CPR)

Video cassette (20 minutes) Watashi nimo Dekiru [Even I Can Do It.]    3,500 yen

Editorial Supervision:   Emergency Medical Treatment Section,
Fire Defense Agency, Ministry of Home Affairs.
Koei Corporation.   Phone: 052-901-8844

3. First Aid Training Courses

* The Japanese Red Cross

The Red Cross gives both standard and short-term training courses. It also conducts training sessions at your site if you have a minimum number of participants. Obtain details by phone.

* Local Fire Stations

Your local fire station conducts training in lifesaving skills. On-site training is available if you have a minimum number of participants. Check by phone first.

** In April, the nursery staff of Mommy took a lifesaving training course given by a local fire station. (The last time we had similar training was August of last year.) It came as a shock to me that I had forgotten so much of it, including the techniques of chest compressions. It goes without saying that you and your staff should get first aid training periodically. Additionally, in order not to forget what you have learned, you should make it a habit to view video about artificial respiration and practice CPR on a training manikin. Because I strongly feel the need for receiving such training on a routine basis, I am passing on to you the above information on training aids.


4. Books and Booklets

Mou-ichido Dakishimetai [I Want to Hold You One More Time] (booklet)

200 yen    SIDS Family Association Japan

Yasashii Komorebi no Naka e: Tsugi no Akachan o Matsu Tame ni [Into Sunshine Filtering through Foliage:  Preparing for Your Next Baby] (booklet)

500 yen    SIDS Family Association Japan

Anata ga SIDS ni Deattara: Kokoro no Sapooto no Tame no Gaidorain [When You Encounter SIDS: Guidelines on Providing Understanding Support]

500 yen     SIDS Family Associaiton Japan

Nyuuyouji Totsuzenshi Shoukougun to Sono Kazoku no Tame ni [Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Words for SIDS Families] by Hiroshi Nishida

1,400 yen     Tokyo Shoseki Co.

Mou-ichido Dakishimetai: Akachan no Shi o Norikoeru Tame ni [I Want to Hold You One More Time: For Getting Over the Death of Your Baby

2,000 yen     Edited by SIDS Family Associaiton Japan
Medicus Shuppan, Publisher

130 no Chiisana Sakebi: Hoiku Shisetsu deno Jiko-rei Chousa Houkokusho
[130 Little Cries:  Report on the Study of Accidental Deaths at Day Nurseries]

700 yen     Association For Studying Childcare Issues So That
Keiichi-chan Did Not Die In Vain. (Tokyo)

Hoikuen deno Jiko/Totsuzenshi [Accidents and Sudden Deaths in Childcare Facilities]

1,339 yen     Edited by Osaka Institute of Childcare and Education
Ayumi Shuppan

“Yurikago no Shi”: Nyuuyouji Totsuzenshi Shoukougun (SIDS) no Hikari to Kage [“Crib Death”:  Light and Shadow of SIDS] by Sumiyo Abe (former reporter of NHK)

1,900 yen (not including tax)     April 1997
Shinchosha Co.

5. Brochures

Gozonji Desuka: Nyuuyouji Totsuzenshi Shoukougun SIDS [Do You Know SIDS?]

SIDS (Nyuuyouji Totsuzenshi Shoukougun) kara Akachan o Mamoru Tame ni: Chiisa na Hi o Mamotte [Protecting Babies from SIDS:  Keeping a Small Candle Burning]     (SIDS prevention campaign poster and brochure)

Distributed by Window for SIDS Family Association Japan, Mothers’ and Children’s
Health and Welfare Association.     Phone: 03-3499-3111

6. Material for Childcare Providers (prepared by Noriko Nakamura)

Information for Childcare Providers on Ways of Preventing SIDS

Reports on July 1995 SIDS Occurrence at Mommy

Introducing 130 Little Cries

My Responsibility, Regrets, and Reflections as Childcare Professional with regard to the July 1995 occurrence of SIDS at Mommy Day Nursery

7. All-Japan Liaison Council of Non-Licensed Day Nurseries

It is imperative that non-licensed day nurseries maintain close contacts with each other. One of the activities of this organization is to lobby government agencies. It holds a nationwide meeting each year.

Phone: 03-3339-8275

8. Mommy’s Non-Life Insurance Underwriter

Mr.Nakamura (no relation) of Hiroshima City, agent for The Douwa Fire & Marine Insurance Co., is very knowledgeable about non-life insurance policies for childcare facilities (institutional liability insurance, casualty insurance, personal liability insurance, food poisoning insurance, etc.). He is ready and willing to answer your questions, whether or not you have purchased a policy through him. You need not be located in Hiroshima Prefecture to purchase a policy through this agency.
New insurance was made in September, 1997.

* The nature of coverage and the amount of insurance vary depending on which non-life insurance company underwrites your policy. I therefore strongly suggest that you check the content of the policy which you now have. It is also critical that you make sure that you have paid your premiums.

Phone: 010-350-1769 (Nakamura Insurance Agency)

Prepared:  May 1997

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