Campaign for Prevention of SIDS

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* Preparation of material on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

* Serving as a contact person for SIDS related information

* Distribution of information on the prevention of SIDS to childcare practitioners, childcare related organizations, childcare facilities, and municipalities across the country

* Making an appeal to insurance companies to create liability insurance with a broader coverage including sickness, similar to the one for licensed childcare providers, which will be available to non-licensed nurseries, home childcare providers, and babysitters.

* Providing other non-licensed childcare providers with information on necessary insurance coverage.

* Rental service of video casettes on SIDS (in preparation)

* Maintaining webpages in both Japanese and English

* Republication (April 1997) and distribution of 130 Little Cries

* Communicating to other childcare providers my own experience and reflections on SIDS

Meeting:   SIDS Study Group
Host:   Society for the Study of Childcare, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture
(organized by 28 licensed day nurseries in the city)
Date:   June 21, 1997

Meeting:   Daytime Foster Parents Childcare Study Group of Kyoto City
Host:   Liaison Council for Daytime Foster Parents of Kyoto City
Date:   October 18 (Saturday), 1997

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